W.L. Fuller Countersinks

W.L. Fuller is a family-owned company that manufactures woodworking tools and supplies, including countersinks, counterbores, brad point drills, and taper point drills.


WL Fuller countersinks are used to countersink and counterbore for screw heads in woods, plastics, and non-ferrous materials. They are made of carbon steel and heat-treated for a longer tool life. The countersink is held in place with two hex-socket screws and can be adjusted up and down the drill.

*Also available in stainless steel for cutting Ipe.

W.L Fuller Countersink & Drill Bit Stock

  • 1/8″ Tapered Bit / (3/8″) Countersink (C5HTC)
  • 9/64″ Tapered Bit / (3/8″) Countersink (C6HTC)
  • 11/64″ Tappered Bit / (3/8″) Countersink (C8HTC)
  • 13/64″ Tappered Bit / (1/2″) Countersink (C102HTC)
  • 7/32″ Tappered Bit / (1/2″) Countersink (C12HTC)
  • 1/4″ Tappered Bit / (1/2″) Countersink (C14HTC)
  • 3/32″ Tappered Bit/ (1/4″ Countersink (C3TC)

*Replacement drill bits also available!

Plug Cutters

W.L. Fuller makes plug cutters that are made in the USA from heat-treated carbon steel for a long life. These cutters are designed for use in soft woods and most hardwoods, and have four flutes for clean cutting and accurate boring.

*Also available in stainless steel for cutting Ipe.

Snappy Self Centering Bits

Speedy, accurate drilling with Self-Centering Drill Guides Saves hours of time accurately drilling holes for hinges, Door butts, window pulls, window latches, door latch bolts, Striker plates and all hardware using screws

Self Centering Bits Stock

  • #3 5/64″ Self Centering Drill Bit
  • #5 7/64″ Self Centering Drill Bit
  • #9 9/64″ Self Centering Drill Bit
  • #12 11/64″ Self Centering Drill Bit
  • #14 13/64″ Self Centering Drill Bit


  • 5mm Shelf Pin Drill Guides
  • 1/4″ Shelf Pin Drill Guide

*Replacement drill bits also available