Tenryu Sawblades

Tenryu blades are known for their high quality, with rugged plates, specially formulated carbide tips, and a special tooth grind for fast, clean cuts. Tenryu blades also produce cool cuts that leave the work piece edge free of burrs, and can reduce cost-per-cut and maximize performance for the operator.

Tenryu Sawblades Series

Tenryu offers a wide variety of blades for all different types of materials and cuts. Whether it be wood, metal, plastic, and other types of composite materials.

Below is all of the different Tenryu blades series that we stock in our store.


The Alumi-Cut Series offers true quality and affordability.

These blades are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit most popular job site and shop saws. Excellent results in aluminum, copper, brass, bronze and other non-ferrous metals. Even works well in many plastics. Also good for woodworking and plastic cutting when needed. Resharpenable for long life, the Alumi-Cut blades will help you improve your bottom line!

These blades are also an excellent choice for cutting laminated flooring with slide-miters or table saws.


  • Fully-hardened, expertly-tensioned tool steel bodies for true and accurate cuts.
  • Appropriate triple-chip grind pattern for non-ferrous metals.
  • Quality carbide ground to precision.


The BEST CHOICE for long lasting performance when cutting Fiber-Cement Board.

Fiber-Cement Board is a very abrasive material that wears down normal carbide very quickly. The TENRYU BOARD-PRO incorporates special grade carbide tips for longer life.

Also available: BOARD-PRO PLUS: Latest technology PCD (poly-crystalline diamond) for EXTENDED cutting life- especially for thick (stacked) material. PCD tips produce a smoother cut. Thicker plate on PCD for longer life.


  • Perfectly-tensioned, hardened-tool steel plates for flat, true run.
  • Selected quality carbide grade.
  • Extra long blade life.
  • Economically priced.
  • LESS DUST than traditional blades produce.


First and MOST COMPLETE LINE of premium saw blades made especially for cordless saws

The growth in the cordless saw industry has created a void when it comes to accessory blades. TENRYU has filled the void.

Blades for cutting wood, plastic, aluminum and steel with the most popular cordless machine models are now available- all with TENRYU quality!


  • Ultra-thin, perfectly tensioned steel plates for true run. This saves precious battery power and life.
  • Precision honed, high-grade carbide for easy, smooth cuts and long life.
  • Tooth configurations to meet specific cutting material and thickness applications.


One saw, one blade: No problem!

This is the top of the line choice for the serious craftsman who wants one superior blade for most all woodworking.

Saw plate run-out less than .002″ for flat true run. Built-in dampening system reduces vibration, making cuts quieter and more precise. Performs smooth, easy crosscuts and rips. Even does a great job on double sided laminates.

Carbide tip material is an extra hard, C-4 and super fine grain with corrosion inhibitors to give the keenest edge and longest sharp-life.


  • Fully-hardened, expertly-tensioned tool steel body for true and accurate cuts, meticulously hand hammer tensioned.
  • A new grade of extra hard carbide resists both abrasive and chemical wear better than standard grades for longer life.
  • Resin bond-filled expansion slots to absorb any vibration and for quieter cutting.
  • TENRYU fS fine grit honing ensures mirror finish on carbide for the keenest possible edges and a super clean cut.


The Ultimate Melamine and Veneer-Faced Plywood Cutting Blade

The Mel-Pro Series is a complete line of blades that solve problems associated with cutting melamine and other laminated wood products. Additionally, veneer-faced plywood can be cut without splintering at more reasonable feed speeds than in the past.

FINER CUTS- Precision ground carbide teeth set on hand-tensioned tool steel bodies produce finer cuts without chipping and “bottom-side blowout”.

QUIETER- Patented resin bond-filled expansion slots effectively absorb vibration and reduce noise.

LONGER LIFE- High-grade, extra-hard, micro-grain, anti-corrosive carbide teeth fight both chemical and abrasive wear to remain sharp longer. There are a lot of blades on the market that can cut melamine but only one can really cut it chip free, quieter, easier and longer – the TENRYU Mel-Pro.

Numerous requests for a better melamine blade prompted us to spend over a year of research and development to bring you the world’s most advanced melamine cutting blade. The Mel-Pro features a fully hardened, expertly tensioned tool steel body that absorbs impact, remains flat and true, and resists excess heat buildup. The Mel-Pro’s exclusive, red bond, resin filled expansion slots absorb vibration, reduce heat and permit the blade to run quieter than any other brand. The thin-kerf, mirror-like grind on super hard, specially designed carbide tips allow for lighter cuts and reduce friction heat buildup. The bottom line is your bottom line will look better when you reduce scrap, reduce sharpening costs and reduce noise in your shop with Mel-Pro blades.


TENRYU’S ultimate woodworking blade for miter saws and radial arm saws

TENRYU responds to customer demand! We now have a line of blades specially designed for high performance and heavier duty applications on miter saws, slide-miter saws and radial arm saws. These are our “Cadillac/Mercedes” grade miter saw blades.

TENRYU’S proven, super-true, laser-cut, hand tensioned steel plate with new and improved, patented, resin bond-filled expansion slots ensures smooth, accurate and quiet cuts.

Specially designed, top-quality, micrograin carbide tips, honed to a precision edge with 600 grit diamond wheels cut clean and easy.

Zero degree hook angle prevents lifting of workpiece but does not make your saw overwork. The result is a safe, chip-free and smooth cut.


  • Fully-hardened, expertly-tensioned tool steel bodies for true and accurate cuts.
  • High-grade, fine grain carbide tips for long life.
  • Super-fine grit honing of carbide edge for clean, smooth cuts.
  • Additional resin bond-filled expansion slots for even quieter cutting.


TENRYU’S Premium Heavy Duty, Industrial, Multi-Purpose Blades

We offer an entire line of industrial duty “work horse” blades that cover the 10 to 16 inch diameter range. These blades are all meant to be used on shop tools such as table saws. In addition, many models can be used on more specialized machinery with arbor hole adjustments. Each blade has a large carbide tip following the European tradition and can be resharpened multiple 20 times.

Value is key here. These blades are priced very competitively. The small shop and corporate giant alike will appreciate getting quality industrial blades at an affordable price.


  • Individually hand-hammered, fully heat hardened steel plates for flat, true, wobble-free operation.
  • Aggressive grind angles for easy performance in heavy-duty jobs. Honing carried out at 400 grit to limit microchipping and produce a very keen edge.
  • Large, high-grade carbide tips selected for long life in woodworking applications.
  • Ample side clearance provides for air flow between carbide and workpiece – limits likelihood of burning even on heavy rips. This also prevents premature dulling.


*Unique ATAF Shear face grind for Fast and Long Lasting Cuts
*Dampened Laser Cut Plate for Less Vibration
*Great for Sliding Compound Miter Saw

For Slide-Miter Saws, convention Miter Saws, and crosscutting with Portable Saws


  • New vibration dampening system featuring TENRYU resin filled laser cut body slots.
  • Meticulous, hand hammer plate tensioning for a flatter blade and truer cuts.

Gold Medal Dado Blades

Gold Medal Dado blades are made by Tenryu and are considered to be the best all-around blade. They are designed to produce clean dado edges and flat bottom surfaces in wood and melamine. The blades are made with fine-grain carbide grade for longer life and easier resharpening. They also have fully heat-treated saw plates for endurance under heavy load, and are hand hammer-tensioned for flat and true runs.