Tajima Tools

Tajima Tool is Japan’s largest manufacturer of hand tools, founded in 1909 and known for its professional-grade tools like chalk lines, saws, and utility knives.

Marking Tools

We stock a variety of Tajima marking tools in various colors and line thicknesses. Products like the Chalk-Rite II and the Ink-Rite series. We also stock replacement chalks, inks, and replacement lines.

Caulking Guns

We stock a few of Tajima’s caulking guns like the Convoy Super, and the Convoy Super Jumbo caulking guns.


Each caulking gun features:
  • Extra-long barrel caulk guns engineered for maximum performance
  • Increased thrust force with the powerful Twin-Thrust System
  • 360 Rotating Handles for function and convenience
  • Conveniently located seal puncture pin

Tape Measures

All of Tajima’s Tape Measurers are built with precision in mind and that its extra stiff blade is designed to stay straight and true, delivering accurate measurements every time.

*Sold in both Metric/Standard forms of measurement

Utility Blades

Tajima utility blades are designed for cutting and scoring a variety of materials, including drywall, wood, and other thick materials. They are made with premium steel and Japanese-style tempering for a sharp, strong blade that can last a long time. Tajima utility blades are available in packs or safety dispensers.

Pull-Stroke Saws

Tajima is a brand that makes pull stroke saws. Pull stroke saws are a type of saw that cuts on the pull stroke, unlike most European saws that cut on the push stroke. Japanese pull saws are the best known pull saws, but they are also used in China, Iran, Iraq, Korea, Nepal, and Turkey. Japanese pull saws are usually more flexible than traditional saws, so they’re great for flush cuts, like cutting trim along a floor or a bung on a flat surface.