ProCarpenter Tape Measures

The ProCarpenter Tape Measures are developed with 7 innovative features: Lever action belt clip, Pencil sharpener, Dual locking system, Erasable notepad, Heavy-duty 1-inch blade


Old Standby Standard (PS)

The Old Standby features standard measurements in large and easy to read numbers.

*Available in 16′ or 25′

Standard Story Pole (PSSP)

The Story Pole features a blank edge of the blade for writing and standard measurement on the other edge.

*Available in 16′ or 25′

Metric/Standard (PMS)

The PMS features metric and standard measurements identifying increments down to 1/16″ and millimeter.

*Available in 16′ ONLY

True32 Metric Reverse (PMMR)

The Metric/Metric Reverse features metric measurements that can be read from right or left hand.

*Available in 16′ ONLY

Standard Reverse (PSSR)

The Standard/Standard Reverse features standard measurements that are readable from right or left hand.

*Available in 16′ ONLY


Burn One Tape Measure

The Burn One Tape Measure was designed to prevent you from making simple math mistakes when measuring. The blade has two inches of blank space followed by a zero line giving you complete accuracy without the need to subtract inches.

*Available in 16′ ONLY