Powerhead Screws

FastCap PowerHead screws are designed to provide more strength for installing wood and metal products. The screws have a large, flat head that is four times stronger than a conventional screw head. The head can be set flush and camouflaged using the countersinking bit and Fastcaps.

Powerhead Screws Sizes

  • 8×1-1/4″ Powerhead Screws Sq. 200 pc Pak
  • 8×1-1/2″ Powerhead Screws Sq. 200 pc Pak
  • 8×2″ Powerhead Screws Sq. 200 pc Pak
  • 8×2-1/2″ Powerhead Screws Sq. 150pc Pak
  • 8×3″ Powerhead Screws Sq. 150pc Pack

FlushMount Drill Bit System

FastCap’s FlushMount Drill Bit System is a line of drill bits that use a countersink bit to drill holes. The system has a ball bearing stop collar that controls the recess depth, and stops spinning when it hits the surface. The system also has an adjustable 1/8″ pilot bit, and macro and micro depth adjust.