Fastedge Edgebanding

FastEdge is a peel-and-stick edge banding made by FastCap that is made with a high performance, ultra-bond PSA adhesive. It is fast, easy, and super strong, and increases in strength over time. FastEdge is made from high quality PVC and real wood veneers, and can be used for many field applications including scribe tape for trimming out cabinets or wider material for toe kicks.

PVC Fastedge Edgebanding

  • White PVC Edgebanding (50′ and 250′ Rolls)
  • Almond PVC Edgebanding (50′ and 250′ Rolls)
  • Hardrock Maple PVC Edgebanding (50′ Rolls)
  • Black PVC Edgebanding (50′ Rolls)
  • Gray Folkstone PVC Edgebanding (50′ Rolls)

*All rolls are sold as 15/16″ wide