Bloxygen Finish Preserver


Bloxygen is a gas preservation system that uses argon to prevent finishes from thickening or skinning. Argon is an inert gas that doesn’t react with chemicals and is 25% heavier than air. When argon is sprayed into a container and the lid is sealed, the argon settles down and protects the finish. Any remaining oxygen is forced to the top. Bloxygen is used in food packaging, wine preservation, and to protect epoxy resin.

Bloxygen is short for “blocks oxygen”.

Preserve Your Finishes

Save your leftover paints, finishes or food from getting ruined by oxygen or moisture. Simply spray, seal and store for up to 10 years. Never have hardened paint or rubbery finishes ruin your day.  Safe for food, coffee, etc. Tested by manufacturers. Industry best practice.

Each can is good for about 75 uses in quarts.